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Dental experience must be one without stress. In an age with advanced technologies and superior dental expertise, stress can interfere with the outcomes of the simplest to the most complex of dental interventions. PnG Healthcare is a company that believes is making dental and medical, a stress-free experience.

The spaces that surround us change the way we act and react. It is this thinking that permeates every experience center we co-create, infusing spaces with a feel-good factor that everyone across sensibilities and sensitivities can adapt to. Accompanying this is the quality of care we provide which is patient centric, compassionate and stress-free for both doctors working with us and patients who invest their trust in us.

Using a mix of stress-free design principles, textural and other sensorial influences, and technologically advanced tools, we help design hospitals and clinics around dentistry. Our doctors and expert teams are trained on having a healthy balance of knowledge and implementation, to lead and run a problem free practice.

Backed by our core principles of stress-free dentistry (SFD), we run 2 dental experience centers and 4 dental clinics, underlined by;

  • The latest advancements in dentistry and medicine.
  • Technological advancements in dental practice applications.
  • Regular courses  and outreach program with dental practitioners to ideate and share the latest learnings in the field.
  • Extensive research and practical feasibility of treatment and dental procedures working extensively with doctors to make procedures pain free.

Bengaluru’s first themed and stress-free dental care centers (SFD) offering specialized sensory-adaptive dental care

Dr. Premila Naidu was awarded The National Dental Excellence Award in 2014 & The Best Pediatric Dentist in 2020

The TOI Health survey rated Smile Station as the 7th best dental center in Bengaluru in 2018 & the 4th best dental center in 2019

Recognized as a leading regional health service provider (dentistry) in South Asia by EBA & European Medical Association




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